Rescheduled Program – A Charter Chat: 100 Years of Charter Reform

charter cropped, darker
Wednesday, February 22nd at 7:00 P.M.
Edgell Memorial Library
3 Oak St, Framingham

(Please note that this program was rescheduled from Sunday, 2/12 due to weather conditions.)

As the town comes closer to a historic referendum on the work of our most recent Charter Commission, this program will provide historical context leading up to the town-wide vote on April 4th.  Since 1911, there have been 7 pushes for Charter reform.  Some specifically endorsed creating a city while others focused on strengthening the town form of government.  Town Historian Fred Wallace and former FHC Board Chair, Kevin Swope, will share their research into the previous reform initiatives along with issues of the day that were pressing the need for change.

Please note that this program is not an endorsement either way but rather an opportunity to provide perspective on a history making vote.  While there are plenty of other forums to discuss and debate the new Charter, this program will answer questions about the evolution of Framingham’s town government and how we arrived at where we are today.

Admission: Members are free, non-members $5/person. Questions? Call 508-626-9091

Find the transcription for the Framingham Charter of Incorporation 1700 here.