About Us

Framingham History Center

The Framingham History Center was established in 1888 as the Framingham Natural History and Historical Society. The mission of the Framingham History Center is to preserve and share Framingham’s history in order to encourage connection to community. Visiting information >>

Our Work

The town of Framingham is best known for its busy thoroughfares, and densely populated downtown. This image overshadows a history that is as rich as the history of its neighboring towns, where heritage is a major portion of its economic and cultural base. Framingham’s history has taken a back seat to over 60 years of enormous changes that have impacted the town’s sense of community. It is time to showcase Framingham’s heritage and reap the rewards that benefit other neighboring towns.  We do this by providing a rich offering of public events, lectures, exhibitions, celebrations, and tours, we inspire and educate the public, provide community gatherings, and share historical research resources with all. Learn more at What We Do >>

Our Collections

The Framingham History Center’s collection of over 12,000 items includes artifacts, photographs, documents and a research library. It focuses on what makes Framingham unique, and on roles that Framingham people have played in regional, national and global events. Learn more at Our Collections >>

Our Historic Buildings

While there are many historic spaces in Framingham, the Centre Common is the focal point for the town’s past. Three of the town’s most historic buildings – The Village Hall (1834), the Edgell Memorial Library (1872), and the Old Academy (1837) – surround this quintessential New England Town Common.  These town-owned buildings are overseen by the Framingham History Center.  Not only do they house artifacts spanning four centuries of the town’s history, they are symbols of Framingham’s continued commitment to educational excellence, civic engagement, and community pride. Learn more at Historic Buildings >>