Team Framingham History – Boston Marathon


We are excited to announce our 2017 marathon runners: Donald Cavicchi III and Daniel Roop. 

don-cavicchiDon Cavicchi – Support His Run!

At nearly 67,000 inhabitants, Framingham is the largest town in Massachusetts and has been my home for the last 9 years. Founded in 1700, Framingham was #36 on ‘Best Places to Live in US’ by CNN Money magazine in 2012. History has a lot to do with that ranking–and with the amount of people we have in our town, conserving and educating the community on the history is very important. The Framingham History Center was established in 1888 and has been working strong to preserve and share the town’s history ever since. My family and I live in a house in Framingham that was built in 1922. We love the house and a big reason for that is it’s history. We were fixing up one of our rooms and found letters between two soldiers from WWII written on official WWII letterhead. We took these letters straight to the history center where they are being stored and studied to learn more about the former residences of Framingham and, on a larger scale, WWII life for all Americans. This is important for Framingham, for Massachusetts and for all of the US. Many great things happened in our town and we need the efforts of the History Center to help preserve and share that history that has been forgotten and/or lost over the years. I am honored to run the 2017 Boston Marathon and raise money for the Framingham History Center. Please donate today to help me reach my goal and support my town.


Dan RoopDaniel Roop – Support His Run!

As a member of the Team Framingham 2017 I am honored to support Framingham’s rich history and its connection to the community. Residing in Nobscot Village for a little over a year, my wife and I have enjoyed exploring and learning about this historical area, its parks, farms, etc. Your generosity will help to support the 129 year old Framingham History Center, so that these connections to the past can be carried on. The Framingham History Center was established in 1888 as the Framingham Natural History and Historical Society. The mission of the Framingham History Center is to preserve and share Framingham’s history in order to encourage connection to community. The town of Framingham is best known for its busy thoroughfares, and densely populated downtown. This image overshadows a history that is as rich as the history of its neighboring towns, where heritage is a major portion of its economic and cultural base. Framingham’s history has taken a back seat to over 60 years of enormous changes that have impacted the town’s sense of community. The History Center showcases Framingham’s heritage by providing a rich offering of public events, lectures, exhibitions, celebrations, and tours; they inspire and educate the public, provide community gatherings, and share historical research resources with all. The History Center is a non-profit organization that depends largely on memberships and donations to perform their mission of preserving and sharing Framingham’s unique history and culture. Thank you for your time and consideration in helping to support this important Town organization through my running of the 2017 Boston Marathon.

FHC Background & Mission

The mission of the Framingham History Center (FHC) is to preserve and share Framingham’s history in order to encourage connection to community.

We believe that Framingham’s history is an incredibly valuable asset to this town that has for the most part been overlooked.  We are changing this not only through the restoration of our town’s most historic properties on the Centre Common but also through “home grown” programming that focuses on unique Framingham people, places or events.  We have raised over $1.5 million to halt the degradation of the Old Academy, the Edgell Memorial Library, and the Village Hall and in doing so we have helped preserve this historic section of Framingham while keeping these buildings open to the public.

Our programs correspond with exhibitions on subjects like Shoppers’ World, The Dennison Manufacturing Company, or Framingham’s role in the Civil War. Our programs have been attracting standing room only crowds and we host over 5,000 visitors annually.