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  1. Barbershop Harmony Chorus singing at the Old Shoppers World is something I miss.
    The acoustics were great under the Jordan Marsh dome.
    The breezeways did require extra preparation during December and February.
    Having Joan & Eds at the end of a gig made up for it.

    Summer concerts were magical as the buildings echoed back the song. We even had quartets sprinkled around the courtyard and upper levels. People were singing or just stopping to remember their family stories.

    Miss being outside walking past multiple stores. Enclosed malls are very artificial. Breathing the air in some stores can be difficult due to allergens which then permeate the whole structure.

    Miss the convenience of being able to park anywhere around the outside and getting to a store with a minimum of fuss and bother. Traffic tie ups were only at the feeders to Route 9 and Route 30 and those were not hard to manage. Really miss not getting almost run down because driveways are next to the front door of a shop. The old layout was immensely superior.

    — C.T. Moses —

  2. That restaurant’s complete name was “The Roundup Western Steakhouse” …. In addition to the original Roundup at Shoppers World there were others that were located in Worcester, Roslindale, Waltham, Newport, Hyannis and Cambridge. It had a good long run there.
    There was another similar style and menu, western themed restaurant out on Route 9 called “The Chuckwagon” that was pretty good too.

  3. I remember in the 60’s eating at Tad’s a steakhouse on the second level of Shoppers World. The steak would be served on a pewter dish with baked potato and garlic bread. And a salad. Maybe at some point it became Ground Round as I see this in the comments. Am I correct it was a Tad’s?

  4. Hi Diane,
    I’m sorry I haven’t seen this until now. Could you send us an email about this and include images of the animals? Please send to laura@framinghamhistory. org. Thank you.

  5. We have 2 wooden carved animals from the old playground in front of Jordan Marsh. They’re
    not in great shape but we would donate them for the exhibit.

  6. My brother Gene and I used to walk from Ashland all the way down Route 126, through Framingham, down to Route 9 and finally to the Cinema to see movies. We walked to the opening of the movie Exodus. All Framingham’s hoi-polloi turned out in there finest. We walked in wearing dirty and wholly bluegenes and not even socks sometimes. We had lost both the St George theatre and the Gorman in downtown Framingham so it was off to Shoppers World. My cousin Paul Gormley ran the kiddie amusements at the end of Mall. We got many free rides, of course. I saw and rode my first escalator at Shoppers World.

  7. If anyone has any pictures or films on the reindeer at Shopper’s World, I’d love to see them. That was my best memory. It was displayed in the center (outside).

  8. I must share a memory of Shopper’s World. In 1965 at 21 I assisted my then brother in law to erect the Santa photo platform just outside of Eatons and the bowling alley. Some readers will remember the early November black out throughout North Eastern US and Canada. You guessed it, the black out occurred that evening. Eatons actually had to roll the doors closed as shoppers left the store with out visiting the cash desk. For those of us who lived near the Danforth the Mall became after 1962 a centre of our adolescent world. Before the mall we would head, by bus, to the Golden Mile to buy records and the like. Mike M

  9. My most favorite memories from when I was a kid…….*running up and down the ramps that connected the two floors, and my mother yelling to walk like everyone else is. And the echo she would make while yelling at me. Sometimes I would run, just to hear her voice echoing! *Zodiac was the best when I was in my teens. Loved getting my cards read, and buying some funky things! *And last-I think this was located there. I remember going to a candy store that you filled your own bag of whatever you pick, and my dad would pay for the 4 of us. I think it was a “penny candy” store. Shoppers World was responsible for some great childhood memories!! There will never be another!

  10. I remember when I was a kid going to Shopper’s World to see Flipper! I think the show had ended by the time I went to see Flipper there, but it was awesome! I remember the Toys R Us and Hermann’s Sporting Goods. I loved going to the Hickory Farms for the free cheese samples and Jordan Marsh was the best. I used to go up on the hill across the street (there is the Jordan’s furniture store there now) to see the “bridge” of the Starship Enterprise.

  11. I remember it from the very beginning, the early 50’s, the carrousel and the courtyard where they actually raffled a pony every Saturday to get people to come to this “new thing”….and the fireworks on the 4th of July.

  12. I remember the funky store on the lower level called The Zodiac. They did Tarot card readings in the back and sold pewter dragons holding crystal balls and other metaphysical junk in the front. But they also sold these part cardboard, part plastic things that you put in your mouth to make a super annoying (to my father at least) noise and they were called Wet Willies. Anybody remember that place? I also remember the safari train that went on a track in the lower level. Not as much fun as pissing my old man off with the wet willies though!

  13. Where do I begin??? I remember the rides in the center walkways. I also remember attending a casting call for “Up the Down Staircase” there. Saturday night was fun because we would go to Fitt’s hobby for a Matchbox after eating “grilled cheese and crinkle cut (they need to bring these back) fries” at Friendly’s. We thought Fitt’s products were over-priced. I bought a Playboy from Rix’s pharmacy. It was the July 1976 issue and I still own it. I found a $50 bill outside the bank once. Kenneth salon was where my mom got her hair done. I used to run into my former camp counselors ALL THE TIME at Kennedy’s clothing store. I booked travel thru Crimson. I raced my brother to Stop & Shop from the ground level. I loved the design of the complex and the blueberry muffins from Jordan Marsh. I purchased my first cassette tape from the record store (Flip Wilson show) and PASSED (sorry fans) on America’s first album even though I loved, “Horse with No Name.” I purchased a top coat from Jordan’s and returned to the record store to purchase another Hall & Oates hit, “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do).” I avoided the bathrooms because they were too spooky, but have recurring dreams of using them. Uh, I used the ones in the stores. I worked at General Cinema from 1975-1978 for a tyrant who has since mellowed. I guess he made all of the ushers who wore those moldy uniforms better people in the long run. I ran the Number 1 sports card and memorabilia show in Massachusetts during a long stretch in the late 80s and early 90s and realized my dream when I ran a highly successful show at Shopper’s World. My company name WAS ON THE ROUTE 9 MARQUEE!!! I cried when the complex was torn down. All that remained was the route 9 sign. I could not believe the horrible, horrible, horrible result. I looked at the new design, shook my head and said, “What is this? A prison???” Thanks for letting me re-live my youth here!

  14. I remember back in the early 80s…as a young teenager…wanting so badly to going to Toys “R” Us..unfortunately.. They had a rule that you had to be accompanied by an adult(s) 99% of the time I was at shoppers world by myself with friends… SOOOO..I remember waiting with my friend for a “Random” family to walk in… And then jumping in at the end trying to blend in with them… Lol!! Great memories of buying new 45s at record town! In waiting in the mile long line at the movie theater to watch Batman..Great memories of a great place and a great time in my life…

  15. I only lived in Framingham from 85 throught the end of 87 but if I remember one thing it was shoppers world. I can remember around the age of 13 or 14 my friends and I would ride our bicycles there on Saturday mornings and hang out all day, one of the best things to do there was slide down the middle portion of the escalator. Not sure what store it was located in but I do remember it was one of the end stores. Very sad that this place was demolished.

  16. I grew up in Framingham and remember Shopper’s World very well. Originally the end with Jordan’s basement was open and had a playground with small amusement rides. Later they built Jordan’s basement and Toy’s R us, closing that end of the mall.

    I worked in security there for several years. Remember all the underground tunnels under the mall, kind of spooky at 3 in the morning. Also remember when someone let all the animals out of the petting zoo and we were chasing them around the parking lot. I learned how to direct traffic there at Christmas time in a sub-zero snow storm. Also remember sitting up in the Jordan’s dome observing the customers below.

  17. I am from Dedham. I first went to shoppers world in September 1980. I went to see the empire strikes back at the cinema. little did I realize I would be going there every Saturday night to the movies. I would walk around shoppers world for hours before the movie. there was the small bookstore on the 2nd level. friendlies on the bottom. Jordan marsh of course. unfortunately replaced by that monstrosity that’s there now. only up there a few times a year now. it was a great place for me to relieve stress from the week. I sure do miss it because it took a part of me with it when it was gone.

  18. I remember getting lost in Jordan Marsh Basement the day it opened, I went inside the rack and when I came out my mother was gone.

    I also remember the shoe store in JM, It has a stage for the kids to sit with animal seats. I thought that was the greatest thing when I was little

  19. My family loved Shoppers World and I clearly remember the reindeer and all the stores that others have mentioned. In high school, I became a waitress at Friendly’s. I wore a grey dress, a white ironed apron, and white polished shoes. We had to pass inspection before we were allowed out on the floor. We were taught to ask if customers wanted to “make it Friendly” by adding fries or onion rings to their sandwich.

  20. I remember being real young shopping.with my dad and going into the cinema to see my Grandfather who was manager over there forever..great times :(

  21. I remember playing at the playground in front of the Jordan Marsh portion of the courtyard as a little kid. Although I don’t have many memories (as I was only about 6 when they tore it down), I think that this was a unique part of the post WWII American landscape. It symbolized a sense of hope and renewal for the 20th century. A promising emblem of democracy.

  22. My mother worked at Jordan Marsh for many years, part-time, evenings in a department called “Daytime Dresses” — can’t imagine there even was such a distinction! I remember going to pick her up each night at closing time with my dad, in our big, blue Buick. Later, I spent every single Saturday afternoon there as a “tween” just hanging around with a group of girlfriends. Such a wonderful place. I remember it vividly.

  23. I had alot of fun working at Shoppers World.I worked at Laurence Stationary for 21-22 years, I remember all the things everyone has written about.. I was going there since I was about 8 years old

  24. Reading all these memories brought back my own – I MUST go see this exhibuit!

    My mom always parked on the west side, near the pole with the red ball on top, and we’d walk – usually up – the tunnel and go into Jordan Marsh. Then we’d end up at the lower level and walk to the other end where the rides were. If something was going on it was always fun to walk around the upper level and look down.

    The merry-go-round and the boats were my favorite, and that ferris wheel – small and caged – is still my ideal of that kind of ride.

    We always saw Santa at Christmas, and visited the reindeer. I have vague memories of seeing Rex Trailer there, too. I remember waiting in a long line to see Mary Poppins, and hearing a lady complaining about “Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte” being shown at the same time in the other cinema.

    In high school, we’d mostly go to the Natick Mall (that mall is a memory now, too) and probably took Shopper’s World for granted, but I doubt there will be any fond memories of what replaced it.

    It’s always good the see the soldiers around town at Christmas, though.

  25. Having worked at the cinema since 1979, Shoppers World was always the best place to be. Fun, food, shopping and great entertainment. I saw so many changes and have so many great memories. It certainly was a sad day when the old cinema closed back in December of 94. I still have the Balcony Closed sign.

  26. Watching the flames flare up as the steaks were being cooked at Round Up Steakhouse… we ate there as a family many times… sliding the trays down the line… across the way, Laurence Stationery, riding the escalators in Jordan’s Basement store, seeing Jaws at the Cinema… Shopper’s World will always be remembered… they should tear down the current mistake and rebuild the family friendly mall that was.

  27. Grew up in Framingham and Shopper’s World was a big part of childhood. We used to ride our bikes over on Sunday (when stores used to be closed on Sunday’s.) We would ride all around the walkways… across the bridges and up and down the ramps… until the security guard would come out at shoo us away… didn’t stop us from doing it again. Wish those ramps were still around…

  28. I remember many things about Shopper’s World – shopped there often, with my mom as a kid and as an adult. My favorite memories are of the changing landscaping and decor in the center, choirs singing at the holidays, the amusement rides (where I got so scared on the little ferris wheel as a four-year-old that I had to get off the ride), Windsor Button (oh, how I miss them), Joan & Ed’s, those great sheltered tunnels and walkways where you could get from store to store in the fresh air yet not be rained or snowed on, all of the great clothes at Jordan Marsh, looking for bargains at the Basement, the fun things at the stationery store… but most of all, the critters at the holidays – sheep and reindeer and bunnies.

    Shoppers’ World was a community gathering place. We lost a lot when we lost it.

    The “new” Shoppers World is about as much fun as a root canal. I avoid it as much as possible.

  29. Fitts Hobby Shop, McCrories, and Windsor , the whole place was iconic.
    That new “power center” has no soul at all.
    I remember seeing teams of snow shovelers on the JM dome to get the snow off it to keep it from caving in, and that was in the early 70’s. The Christmas “tin” soldiers still survive, from what I understand.

  30. I tell people that if (when) I hit the lottery I will re-create Shopper’s World! (With up to date stores though!)

    Everyone I know misses it so much and the kids today missed out on a truly memorable shopping experience like no other.

    So sad that it’s gone.

  31. When I was young before I had my driver’s license my friends and I would thumb to Shoppers World to shop at Christmas and sometimes just to hang out. In high school I had a friend who worked on the amusement rides , he really enjoyed it. When I got older I joined the carpenters union #475 in Ashland and one job I had was the carpenter stewart at Shopper World. I remember building the new one while the old one was used for offices for the contractors. Before they tore it down the general contractor put on a large cookout for the workers. It seemed so odd to sit in the middle, eating and talking about the old days. Looking around there was no one shopping, just a funny, empty feeling. Our group was the last to leave and I have to say it was a sad moment to say goodbye to the old girl. When they started to tear it down the next day I could feel all my childhood memories go down with it. At that time I thought it did but they’re still there and so strong, all the good times I had with my friends.

    Tony Camuti

  32. I went to Shopper’s World many times while growing up. I worked in several stores there too. In 1986 or so I took my son George and his friend Nicole to ride an elephant there!

  33. Oh, I sure remember Shoppers World. My mom and I used to go quite often – I loved Jordan Marsh and still have some of the costume jewelry and other things that I bought at Jordan’s. I can still remember where all the clothes were located!!!!!! Of course….the ramps up and down to the two levels…..It was better than taking the subway into Boston….oh yes, the Windsor Button Shop….the outdoor decorations and the live deer at Christmas.

    So many memories!!!!!!!!! Can’t forget Friendly’s where we would get ice cream, of course!!!!!!!!

  34. I roamed that place with friends so often…used to love running up and down the ramps and across the beautifully landscaped courtyards inside. There was a cool hobby shop (Fitts?), Hickory Farms, Sears, Jordan Marsh. My brother was an undercover security guard at Jordan Marsh and used to bring those famous blueberry muffins home once in a while. What a great piece of Americans and a true symbol of the beginnings of the suburban sprawl.

  35. My parents would bring us to see the reindeer every year. It was something we looked forward to for months.

  36. My younger brother and I used to call Jordan Marsh “Jordan Marshmallow” because of the building’s white bubble top.

  37. Steve, there was an Octoberfest in late 1977 sponsored by Tuborg. As I recall, they weren’t too strict about serving people. I think they may have come back one more year before the Town Fathers got wise.

  38. I was 16 yrs. old in December 1956 and soon after that I got my first job at Stop and Shop. I was a cashier and on our breaks we would go to a restaurant that had a counter (I don’t remember the name, but on the same level as the store) and have a coke or coffee. I worked with terrific people.

  39. please i remember an octoberfest in the parking lot somewhere between 1975 and 1978 does anyone recall

  40. In 1951, at age 9, I traveled from Roxbury to Shopper’s World with my parents to buy me a dress for my sister’s wedding. A yellow, organdy dress was purchased at Jordan Marsh Co.!

    My now 48 year old son got to milk a cow at SW & we enjoyed Friday night summer concerts there in the ’70’s.
    Who can forget the Frostline store? We still have down vests, jackets & backpacks that my husband made with kits bought from that store.

  41. As a kid in the sixties growing up in the Musterfield, it was a nice walk up Route nine to go to Shoppers World. My Mother worked at Jordan Marsh. My Uncle Joe owned Shoppers World Barbershop. Christmas time was especially fun there too.

    Will visit exhibit soon.

  42. I remember the tunnel ramp as mentioned by a previous writer. In the winter this was a very cold wind tunnel. My wife and 3 sons loved to stand on one of the crossing ramps and look down at the Christmas displays and the people walking around. I can’t wait to go to the exhibit.

  43. Wow-the 50-60 was to be at Shoppers World for a great time. Gave my girlfriend (now wife) the ring on her break as she worked at Jorden Marsh.
    Does anyone remember what was found one Spring in the mouths of the horse at the merryground?. It was a shock. The many smiles we had.

  44. I worked at Jordan Marsh in the 1960’s. I remember the domed roof that leaked and the bakery with the wonderful muffins. There was an underground entrance for employees that I used long after I worked there. I often ate in their restaurant, at the counter, and the sandwiches were great. I remember another store, the Stich ‘n knit, where my mother bought a tablecloth for me to embroider. Construction materials for my wedding veil were purchased at Windsor Button. Christmas was always magical, with the deer in a corrall in the courtyard, and all the lights.

    The replacement has all the charm of a superhighway, with no shade or places to get out of the rain. And certainly none of the new stores draws your attention like Jordan’s dome did.

  45. Just being outside and shoppingon a warm day or even a snowy day. Blueberry muffins at the Jordan Marsh restaurant down stairs at the basement! Friendly’s for lunch and Casual Corner!

  46. Too many memories but here are a few:

    My mom always parked by the Toys R Us entrance because I liked waking through the tunnel ramp into the courtyard on the 2nd level

    Visiting the Easter Bunny in the Gazebo

    Taking the train ride in the courtyard

    Buying movie tickets early so I could walk around the stores and buy candy/snacks to sneak into the movie

    I was so sad when they tore down the old Shoppers World. The new one was is so disappointing it is just like any other shopping center that will never hold special memories like the old one.

  47. Windsor Button! The coolest store! Also the reindeer and beautiful lights at Christmas. And running up and down the ramps between the 2 levels.

  48. Putting coins into the McCrory’s machines to get currency from around the world and other great prizes inside little plastic shells.

    Picking up Coconut Ting-A-Lings at Fanny Farmer before a movie at the General Cinema.

    My one-day job at Lane Bryant. Selling was great…being asked to help clean the store at the end of the day with a vacuum featuring exposed wiring – a deal breaker.

    Tulips in the spring.

    Santa’s Reindeer in the winter. (and going to the grocery store upstairs to buy lettuce to feed them)

    Buying art supplies at the stationary store.

    House of Zodiac for an astrological reading.

    Blueberry muffins at Jordan Marsh.

  49. Here’s an email that we received from one of our e-blast recipients:


    I remember when the shopping center opened.
    Grew up in Wellesley near Weston rd and rte 9
    And remember countless trips there, holidays,
    Movies always, and even buying my wedding suit there at Jordan’s.

    SO much nicer than what replaced it, though probably needing repair and too expensive to maintain.

    Now I do have the luxe section of the Natick Collection, which reminds me of a carpeted Denver airport. Good place to walk in the cold and extreme heat (a complete circuit both top and bottom is 2 miles)


    I really miss the old center.. And so many memories.

    Remember the Christmas exhibit, with real reindeer?


    John Tracy

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